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Hello All, (Please remember when/if replying I have BCC'd a list of about 50 people so it would be better to reply only to me if you need to!)

Attached - first time THIS time - is another poem recorded by Roy Avers. I have ONE more on this CD that I will send out. It is The Congo and it is ten minutes of material so i will likely do a dropbox file. If you aren't interested or can't receive it that way, please let me know. Roy sent me a nice email thanking all of you for the prayers and wishes. Below is from his own mouth;

"Actually, I'm not doing badly. My strength is sufficient to handle bed and bath chores, and the Hospice staff is very helpful. The original estimate of a 4-6 week stay has  not been mentioned since, and I'm thinking it's more like months than weeks. I told them to keep me going long enough to watch U of L football this Fall. It all depends on how successful they are in slowing the rate of the spreading of this invidious infe

And this when I sent him a Robert Penn Warren poem I would love to hear him read:

"Well,  Erin....

I finally managed  to record your poem onto a cassette. It took me a while, but I enjoyed the process. I am not familiar with Penn Warren's poetry, but I found this poem's subtle imagery evocative of my own boyhood in NY, when at the age of 8-10 I would retreat to my private sanctuary beneath a copse of pines, and stare at minnows darting around in a small spring, while listening to the distant hum of traffic and wondering where it was going. Hardly the same, I know, but it spoke to me in a way only poetry can. I thank you for the privilege and honor of recording it. I hope you enjoy it, which, of  course you can't do until I can get it to you!"

For now ...enjoy Roy!


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