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I haven't yet. I do not kow Debbie's last name, nor the names of anyone above her. The message I just sent to this list serv will have a date on it at least. I don't have dates for her previous tirades, but I can come close. 

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> It's disheartening to hear about this kind of behavior.  Are you documenting
> each incident with the date and full names of those involved?  
> Allison Depner
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>> Hi,
>> I am not altogether clear about what is considered harassment; however, I
> am quite clear about what constitutes psychological abuse and having
> prejudice dumped on you. 
>> I have lived at this sr. apt complex for two years. Debbie, the manager,
> is sometimes friendly to me; however most of the time she is harried,
> anxious, and sometimes insulting. 
>> Several times, she informs me that neighbors and the management above her
> do not like what is out on my patio. They didn't like the cardboard boxes,
> so I repacked some items into plastic bins. I covered them with a tarp to
> protect them from the rain that we are not getting. I made sure my stuff did
> not show above the wooden latice fence on my patio. I have been told by
> friends that other patios have stuff on them; not just mine.  She also

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