[Nfbc-info] FW: When will the ADA officially reference digital accessibility?

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Ted Clark
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Subject: When will the ADA officially reference digital accessibility?

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Accessibility On-Demand

info at ssbbartgroup.com<http://go.ssbbartgroup.com/y2nBLSQi0x0wFKs04M00030>  |  1(800) 889-9659

New Blog Series & Webinar - ADA and the Internet

Join us on our blog for a new series of articles on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it applies to web sites and applications. Topics in the series will include:

  *   Enforcement of the ADA as it applies to the internet
  *   What to do if your organization receives a Demand Letter
  *   Fitting accessibility compliance into your product lifecycle
  *   Third party solutions and WCAG carve outs
  *   Policies, public statements and personnel
  *   Testing and bug fixing
  *   Customer Service

Today’s post deals with the legal, enforcement, and regulatory status for digital accessibility under the ADA including:

  *   What does the ADA say about websites and apps?
  *   Who is sending all these demand letters?
  *   When will updated language be added to the ADA?

Read today's post - ADA and the Internet: Where Things Stand<http://go.ssbbartgroup.com/c0403SQB0wiK02xFN0Ltn00>

We will also be hosting a free webinar, ADA Demand Letters and Settlements - Lessons Learned, on Thursday, June 2nd. You can read more information and register at info.ssbbartgroup.com/ADA-Settlements-Webinar<http://go.ssbbartgroup.com/f00nx0w0Lu002K3SBiFOQ04>.


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