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has anyone ever explored the inaccessibility of the California Lottery games 
and web site and the lack of privacy for blind people to play lottery games 
and determine winnings? The kiosks are not accessible for a blind person to 
use independently. Lottery tickets are made in such a way that they are not 
recognized on a computer when OCR software is used so they can't be 
duplicated. Consider the potential scenario of a blind person purchasing a 
large ticket that is a winner, presenting it to a store clerk for 
verification and being told that it is not when it actually is and the blind 
winner might throw away his/her chances based on the clerk's information and 
the hypothetical clerk keeps the ticket. I realize that most clerks are 
honest but I think it might be time to take accessibility to this new level 
since it is a state administered program although contracted with a private 
company.  I am told that lottery players in Michigan can purchase tickets 
using the Michigan Lottery web site. Perhaps time to draft a resolution 
addressing this issue.

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Hello All,
Once again, it is time to consider what Resolutions you would like to see 
passed at this year's NFBC State Convention.
If you want to submit a resolution please send it to me by e-mail.
If you have questions about writing a resolution, want to bounce an idea off 
of me, or just not sure how to write them, contact me either by e-mail or 
phone. You will find my contact information below my signature.
Remember, Resolutions guide our Organization for the next year in what we 
should be doing such as working with companies to make their Touch Screen 
Soda Machines accessible, calling on the Legislature to pass issues such as 
the Time act, or to make Touch Screen gym equipment accessible.
Remember, it calls on other entities to do something so that they might make 
their products more accessible, it is not to call on the National Federation 
of the Blind of California to do something.
I look forward to reading all of the Resolutions that you submit.
The deadline for Resolutions will be Friday, October 7th.
See you all at the Upcoming State Convention.

Robert Stigile
e-mail: rstigile at gmail.com
Second Vice-President
National Federation of the Blind of California
President San Fernando Valley Chapter

The national Federation of the blind knows that blindness is not the 
characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the 
expectations of blind people because low expectations create obstacles 
between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want. 
Blindness is not what holds you back.

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