[Nfbc-info] What to do when you are denied and Uber ride

Lisa Irving peacefulwoman89 at cox.net
Fri Dec 9 16:22:57 UTC 2016

Sent from my iPhone I have found the following steps to you quick results when I have been denied an Uber ride on the basis of disability. First, call the uber Emergency number. That number is 1-800-285-9481. You will be asked to define the problem. Be sure to state the following: emphasize the significance of the denial. Most of the folks who answer the phone or understanding; some are not. Your call will be recorded State the pick up address your destination the time the name of the driver if you know it and the facts; what happened. Additionally, ask for a callback. Jessica or a Nother manager from the Chicago-based accessibility team will call you back. Furthermore, you will also receive an email. For documentation purposes follow up with that email and document everything that you stated on the recorded conversation. The driver will be immediately suspended. The suspension, if I am correct, will last two days. Here is one more thought. Remember, the National Federation Of The Blind is working to implement stops to eradicate this issue

Lisa Irving

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