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From: "Xavier, Joe at DOR" <Joe.Xavier at dor.ca.gov>
Date: December 21, 2016 at 5:27:43 AM PST
To: "Xavier, Joe at DOR" <Joe.Xavier at dor.ca.gov>
Subject: New DOR Deputy Director, Vocational Rehabilitation Policy and Resources Division

To:               All DOR Employees (DORALL)
From:          Joe Xavier, Director
Kelly Hargreaves, Chief Deputy Director
Date:           December 20, 2016
Subject:      New DOR Deputy Director, Vocational Rehabilitation Policy and Resources Division
We would like to thank the Vocational Rehabilitation Policy and Resources Division (VRPRD) management and staff for their patience during the several months that it has taken to identify the new Deputy Director. We would also like to thank Irene Walela and Elena Gomez for providing executive coverage since Jeff Riel’s retirement.
Identifying the VRPRD Deputy Director, required us to carefully consider the leadership skills needed to lead the division as well as to lead the whole Department in collaboration with the Executive Leadership Team. We gathered input from the VRPRD management and from others within and outside of DOR including those who have retired. The VRPRD Deputy Director needed to be a person who has a passion for our mission, significant experience in vocational rehabilitation and someone who will promote innovative ideas and build relationships within DOR and with our stakeholders.
We are pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2017, Kathi Mowers-Moore returns to DOR as the VRPRD Deputy Director.
Kathi has the leadership skills needed to provide the support to the VRPRD staff, and to lead us to a higher percent of employment for persons with disabilities. Kathi has experiences from a variety of positions within and outside DOR. Kathi’s executive experience includes working in a high-profile, highly sensitive, and politically-charged environment surrounding funding and administration, often requiring her engagement with stakeholders, community, Agency, Finance, Legislative Analyst’s Office, and legislative consultants.
Having worked within State government for 26 years, most recently, Kathi has been the Central Operations Branch Chief, Community Care Licensing, of the Department of Social Services where she provides oversight including all administrative, information technology  infrastructure, and Caregiver Background Check functions in a Career Executive Assignment. 
Kathi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of California, Riverside, and a Master’s Degree in vocational rehabilitation from California State University, Los Angeles. She has provided vocational rehabilitation services in Veterans’ programs and in not-for-profit organizations and with DOR as a counselor in southern California. Kathi has been a supervisor and manager of a district and served in a variety of other positions with DOR including in Staff Development, as a Governor-appointee as our Operations and Accountability Officer, and was acting Assistant Director for Legislative Affairs.
Please join us in welcoming Kathi upon her return to DOR.

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