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David BearSFO at PacBell.NET
Tue Jul 12 03:43:22 UTC 2016

Hi Angela,

Yes, in fact it does - it covers anything you needthat is disability related...


At 03:18 PM 7/11/2016, Angela Fowler via NFBC-Info wrote:
>Hello all,
>It mentions computers and software, but I don't see why other 
>blindness related technology such as notetakers wouldn't qualify as well.
>Assistive Technology Loans Now Available in California Low-interest 
>Loan Program Available for People with Disabilities
>Sacramento - Sacramento CA (July 11, 2016) The California Foundation 
>for Independent Living Centers (CFILC) is announcing the launch and 
>Alternative Finance Program for Assistive Technology (AT) called the 
>FreedomTech Financial Loan Program which will provide low interest 
>loans to Californians with disabilities and their families who are 
>interested in purchasing Assistive Technology.
>"Health insurance companies are covering less and less assistive 
>technology and it is difficult to afford to buy, being able to get a 
>loan offers another option to get access to critical technology that 
>we need to live independently" explained Christina Mills, Deputy 
>Director of CFILC.
>Financial loans may be used to purchase any device, item, or product 
>that makes life easier for a person living with a disability or age 
>related limitations. Wheelchairs, hearing aids, low vision aids, and 
>computers etc. Loans may also be used in part to support the 
>purchase of items for home and vehicle modifications.
>Individuals can apply to borrow $500 - $15,000 with loan terms of up 
>to 5 years. There are credit and income guidelines and borrowers 
>must demonstrate the ability to repay the loan, to learn more visit 
>"CFILC is excited to provide a low-interest option to Californians 
>with disabilities and their families. Whether someone wants to 
>purchase a laptop for college, hand controls to modify a van, pay 
>the share of cost for a new power-chair, buy hearing aids or build a 
>ramp to their front porch, they can apply for a loan through our 
>FreedomTech Loan program" said Teresa Favuzzi, Executive Director of CFILC.
>In addition to Assistive Technology loans, FreedomTech also provides 
>Financial Literacy and credit building resources and assistance.
>Funding for the FreedomTech Loan Program was established by the U.S. 
>Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration.
>Michelle Cowen
>Program Manager
>FREED Center for Independent Living
>2529 Nevada City Hwy Suite 102
>Grass Valley, CA 95945
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