[Nfbc-info] perks to working

Lisa Irving peacefulwoman89 at cox.net
Sat May 7 02:00:39 UTC 2016



Some of you have followed my journey from perspective candidate to newly
hired employee. I'd like to share a few thoughts. For the most part, I love
waking up each morning knowing that I have a defined purpose. I really like
the genuinely positive environment where I work. No one is trying to outdo
another person. Few help each other. I have my challenges; don't we all?
It's been great getting a paycheck; having money in the bank; being able to
go out to eat once a week and today I signed up for Netflix. I honestly
couldn't afford Netflix before I started working. Last week I got my hair
done and I didn't feel guilty or stress about the cost. I'm looking forward
to passing my probation period at the end of the year. After that I plan to
purchase a new couch. (I haven't had a couch for seven years).  I hope that
my periodic work related updates encourages you to pursue your dream whether
it is to work; go to school or to learn something that you don't think you
can do. 




Lisa Irving, Chapter President

NFBC, San Diego Chapter  

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