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> Hi everyone,
> I am writing to you on behalf of the Community Service division and as
> the chairperson of the #NFB4mserve project.  Below you will find all
> you need about this project and how to get involved.  Please share far
> and wide and participate in the calls.  Our next call is May 15 at
> 8:30 PM easterntime.  I will also attach the flyer to this email so
> you can email it to others.
> Let me know if you have questions.
> Dacia
> The National Federation of theBlind Community Service Division presents:
>  May The Mission, The Movement,, The Milestone (NFB4MServe).
>  This is a Month long effort in  which:
> The  mission is to give of our talents and skills to people and places
> in our communities. We want our sighted  friends and neighbors to
> understand that the blind can and do give, and are not always the
> “takers” society might have us be.
> The movement is all of us as the organized blind furthering our
> message through community service that blindness is not the
> characteristic that defines us or our future. It is also us coming
> together to support each other as we find the ways we will give back
> along side our sighted peers.
> The milestone is the  results; the raising of expectations of the
> blind and the celebration of the difference that we will have made as
> a federation family by coming together to share our successes and work
> through our obstacles in order to ultimately strengthen the
> Federation and break down barriers to full participation in society.
> You can take part in this project individually or with your chapter ,
> by engaging in a community service project, such as
> volunteering for a nonprofit organization, local church or school, or
> helping those in need in your neighborhood. Participants will be able
> to share ideas and receive support during bi-weekly conference calls,
> use the hashtag #NFB4MServe to tweet about their   community service
> activities
> , and will also have the opportunity to write about
> their experiences on the National Community Service Division’s
> official blog, www.nfbcommunityservice.org/blog. The  purpose of the
> blog is to  communicate to society that the blind  are active
> participants,  contributors and collaborators in society.   The  Blog
> is a outlet through which we  showcase by way of community
> Service/volunteerism what we believe in the Federation, that we as
> blind people can live the life we want and that blindness isn’t what
> holds us bak from doing so.  .
> The first call will take place on Sunday, May 1, at 8:30 pm EST. The
> Call- in information for this, and all other calls is as follows:
> (712)432-0140 and the access code is 808277.  The
> specific dates of each call are as follows:
> Sunday, 5/1: 8:30 pm Eastern/5:30 pm Pacific
> Sunday, 5/15: 8:30pm Eastern/5:30 pm Pacific.
> Tuesday, 5/31: 8:30 pm Eastern/5:30 pm Pacific.
> If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project, you
> can:
> 1.    join any of the above mentioned calls at the times listed.
> 2.     check out our website at www.nfbcommunityservice.org.
> 3.     follow us on twitter at “@nfbcsdivision”.
> 4.    join our Facebook page by searching for “National Federation of the
> Blind Community Service division..
> We Hope you are as excited  to get started as we are to get this going!
> Should you have any questions over the course of this effort, please
> do not hesitate to email us at nfb4mserve at nfbcommunityservice.org.
>  Yours in the  Movement,
> The #NFB4Mserve Leadership Team.

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