[Nfbc-info] San Diego retired wildlife biologist shares

Lisa Irving peacefulwoman89 at cox.net
Sun May 22 00:19:25 UTC 2016

San Diego Chapter member extraordinaire, Claude Edwards, a retired wildlife
biologist, lead some of our members on a short nature walk. We listened to
various bird calls; learned about some plant life and we were reminded to be
present and enjoy the moment. 


Today's nature walk was particularly meaningful to me because, I remember
being able to see the delicate features and breathtaking colors of the bird
fiefdoms in  the trees where I grew up in Western New York. Over the past 15
years I've lost a great deal of sight. There has been this low-grade sense
of loss of knowing what I am visually missing in the trees, the hills and at
the ocean. I've asked a number of people, how can you enjoy a sunset or a
cruise to Alaska? There answers didn't leave me feeling satisfied, that is,
until this morning. 


No, I can't see what the Goldfinch looks like, and I no longer see what a
tree squirrel looks like. I am not going to gloss over the fact that I miss
seeing my Creator within his/her creation. However, thanks to Claude
Edwards, I finally have a new avenue into a world I truly miss. Thank you
Claude for helping me to find my way back to connect with plants and birds. 




Lisa Irving, Chapter President

NFBC, San Diego Chapter   

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