[Nfbc-info] Morley field birds, thanks for the positive responses

Claude Edwards claude at klein-edwards.com
Mon May 23 15:45:59 UTC 2016

Good morning all, I am glad for the positive responses to the report of
Saturday's sensory nature walk that I led to the Morley Field area of Balboa
Park. . Since there were some receptive comments I thought I'd share the
list of 8 birds that were heard by the walk participants, NFBC San Diego
chapter members and guests, and a suggestion of how they sounded to us. 

American Crow: familiar and easily-imitated calls, caw-caw and car-car, 
Black Phoebe, squeaky tweep call-notes given singly, 
Bullock's Oriole, rapid chattering and rattling, interspersed with whistles,

Cassin's Kingbird, husky and repeated kideer-kideer and chehBeer calls, 
House Finch, conversational warbling songs, and chirpy calls, 
Lesser Goldfinch, high and light chattering song, and slurred whistled calls

Nuttall's Woodpecker, sharp metallic rattling song, 
and, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, high-pitched sneezy song, sounding like
pish-sweet or tsu-weet  

Our group also noticed and discussed several other sounds that we heard
during the walk, e.g. incoming aircraft at a distance, vehicles passing by,
other people in the park playing Tennis and baseball, talking and laughing,
cheering and clapping, , as well as children at play, and even dogs barking.

We all take these experiences for granted, but they often serve us in very
important ways in our everyday lives. I hope this is enjoyable and
interesting to you. Best regards, 

Claude Edwards, Naturalist 
National Federation of the Blind California, San Diego chapter 

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