[Nfbc-info] A very Special Birthday

Lisa Irving peacefulwoman89 at cox.net
Sun May 29 03:28:04 UTC 2016



On Wednesday while riding the city bus home from work I received a call from
my son. He asked me if he could come out from Kentucky to see me and
celebrate my birthday. Of course I said, yes! I was so excited that I got on
the bus going the wrong way. Lol. For my birthday we went on a very scenic
horseback ride through the Tijuana Estuary; part of a state park that
borders on Mexico and, my favorite part of the ride was along the beach. 


Thanks to Claude Edward's nature walk last week I found different ways to
appreciate my surroundings. The trail guide described many things including
edible plants that we nibbled on. There were many textures and various
sounds and the wind from the ocean. 


Tomorrow my son returns to his home. I will miss him tremendously. Thank
goodness for good memories and a very special son. 



Lisa Irving


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