[Nfbc-info] taxis; dog allergies and San Diego drivers strike

Lisa Irving peacefulwoman89 at cox.net
Mon May 30 18:31:00 UTC 2016

Hello ,


I'm wondering if someone can educate me. The San Diego First Transit drivers
chose to strike last Wensday. In the mean time, First Transit which operates
para transit services where I live have contracted with Yellow Cab. Crucial
needs are being met by the contracted cab company. When I scheduled a ride I
asked two people to inform the cab driver that I will be accompanied by my
service animal. I did so because many of the Middle Eastern cab drivers are
afflicted with documented, or undocumented, dog allergies.Both First Transit
employees told me they will not give that information to Yellow
Cab.Additionally they will not tell Yellow Cab to have their drivers look
for me or any other blind person Until now I've circumvented these
challenges by exercising other transportation options and will continue to
do so when feasible. Meanwhile, what obligation does First Teransit have to
ensure the temporary contracted  ride service meets the needs of travelers
with service animals or the need for the driver to look for me and any other
blind passenger? 


>From Lisa Irving. 


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