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Dear Mary,
It is needless to say that California will miss you.  You and Jim have
certainly been a big part of our history. You have been working hard for the
NFBC, and helping blind people since I met you in the nineties. All of us in
San Diego respect you, appreciate you and love you.   Through the years we
worked in many projects together and you taught me much. I will never forget
the time you got thrown in jail at the Beach Cities NFB Hoedown, and all you
said, actually you screamed, "CALL JIM!" When Peter called him Jim just
laughed and said, "Keep her there!" Of course it was the highlight of the
Hoedown.  Finally, why does it seem that all of the California NFB
presidents move to New Mexico? 

We will always love you. Let's keep in touch,
Peter and Juliet 

I wish you all the best, and let's keep in touch. By 
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Hello Everyone:

I have a few quiet moments so I thought I would share how I am feeling about
moving to Albuquerque today.  


After almost 37 years of living in this home in Pleasanton, I feel like this
is the hardest thing I have had to do.  The NFB has lived in my home the
whole time.  Not only do I have to let go of the place where Jim and I were
married and my children were born but, I have also had to let go of being
keeper of records and materials for the affiliate.  As you know our new
office is in Tarzana.  Ever Lee has a real office.  I am so happy for her.  


Some of you met Kathy at the registration table at the last convention.
Kathy will be assisting Ever again this year at the Embassy Suites in
Melpedis in November.  I plan to attend the national convention in Orlando
this summer and the California convention in November.


Let's keep in touch.  I love you and will continue to hehlp grow the
Federation wherever I live.  Remember, we don't have to like each other but
we do need to love blind people enough to come together and work to improve
the lives of the blind.  There are always newly blinded people and families
who need help and support adjusting.  There is always work to be done.  We
are not speaking for the blind.  We are the blind speaking for ourselves.
We must always come together, work together and stay together.



Mary Willows      

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