[Nfbc-info] Emailing from Ohio: Need contacts / advocacy assistance with an online job offer at Chegg

Christopher Sabine, ONH Consulting info at onhconsulting.com
Wed Apr 26 16:58:58 UTC 2017

Re-sending from Sunday evening. Not sure if this went through.


Hello all, my name is Christopher Sabine, and I am writing from Ohio. I am
currently a proud member of the Ohio Affiliate and Secretary of the
Cincinnati Chapter. I wrote about six months ago.


I am still looking for advocacy assistance concerning a freelance job
working as an online tutor for the Chegg Corporation (http://www.chegg
<http://www.chegg.> .com). This job involves serving as an ad hoc tutor for
students online in two subject areas. I would be providing my services via
video conferences and text-based lessons through a module the corporation
refers to as the Lesson Space.


While the Lesson Space is more or less accessible, The initial tutorial
which I need to complete to start my job is evidently a PowerPoint
Presentation with Flash Content that is totally inaccessible. I attended an
orientation Webinar on the interface when I was accepted as a tutor, but
this too was inaccessible; the facilitator used GoToMeeting and what I have
fairly good reason to believe is the same PowerPoint as the tutorial on
their Web site. All I could do was dial into the conference and listen in.


I've made numerous attempts to reach out to Chegg through their Technical
support email concerning accessibility of this job to a person using a
screen reader but never received a response. In talking with the call center
at Chegg's Community Learning Portal, I was told that the staff there have
no communication with anyone at Chegg's Corporate office, including the
chain of command responsible for the Web site or the learning portal itself,
which technically would be their superiors. 


Next, I sent a certified letter to Michael Osier, who is ultimately
responsible for Information technology. (his official title is Chief
Outcomes Officer.) I received no response. I consulted with an attorney from
our Client Assistance Program / Protection and Advocacy Organization, and he
ultimately concluded based on the information I had that federal and Ohio
law doesn't apply because the job is a contract / freelance position. I also
tried unsuccessfully to reach out to Headquarters 

Through Facebook and LinkedIn.


In short, I'd like to know if anyone in the CA Chapter-particularly the Bay
Area-would be interested in helping me pass a message to Chegg's corporate
office in person or suggest a way to bring attention to the situation
through local mass media-either in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose or
perhaps Sacramento. Chegg's corporate headquarters are evidently located in
Santa Clara, California near the campus of Mission College. I understand the
location is fairly close to Highway 101 with good access to public
transportation, but this is second hand as I've never actually visited


My goal is not to bring negative attention to the Chegg Corporation, but to
establish some line of communication with Mr. Osier or another
representative from their corporate headquarters.

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed or could
help me reach out to this company.


Very Best Regards,



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