[Nfbc-info] Western Dental revisited

Lauren Merryfield lauren at catlines.com
Sat Aug 19 02:51:38 UTC 2017


I have had what one nurse puts as life-threatening cellulitis infection in my legs, with hospitalization etc. I know you guys don’t want me talking about it, so why am I? Only to explain the delay in dealing with the situation at Western Dental. I reported some weeks ago where they told me they could not do any treatment unless I had someone with me to “interpret and sign” the forms (even though I had already gotten the forms done). 


The Office For Civil Rights is taking the case. They see several flagrant violations plus my safety with infected/abscessed teeth possibly poisoning my system. So they’re on it right away. So the eclipse may not be the only interesting thing that occurs next week. This is clearly a blindness issue and I sure wouldn’t want something similar happening to any of you, so, cross your fingers, knock on wood, pray, or whatever else you’re into.


Lauren Merryfield


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