[Nfbc-info] isn't it ironic

Lauren Merryfield lauren at catlines.com
Sun Jul 9 05:38:14 UTC 2017


I realize that the rest of the blindness community on this list is at National Convention, so probably no one is even reading my posts. But life goes on for me even though I cannot attend the convention. 


I tried to file a complaint on the Office for Civil Rights online complaint portal and, wouldn’t you know, it is not accessible with JAWS. I could not get past the first page because on “phone” they had a field for “usage”, whatever that means, and I could not get anything to show in that field. Then for state and country I had difficulty getting them to match. On country, I would type in USA or United States but below it would show some other country. What a mess. I don’t know if the whole process is that cumbersome or not, but I sent them a copy of my letter, but couldn’t fill out their form. Isn’t that ironic???


Lauren Merryfield


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Deuteronomy 32New Living Translation (NLT)

32 “Listen, O heavens, and I will speak!

    Hear, O earth, the words that I say!



Let my teaching fall on you like rain;

    let my speech settle like dew.

Let my words fall like rain on tender grass,

    like gentle showers on young plants.



I will proclaim the name of the Lord;

    how glorious is our God!



He is the Rock; his deeds are perfect.

    Everything he does is just and fair.

He is a faithful God who does no wrong;

    how just and upright he is!

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