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How Sonar Helps The Blind & More!

Bats, dolphins, some whales, and other animals use sonar and echolocation to
understand where they are in the world. Inspired by these animals, humans
have been using sonar to locate underwater objects for decades. There are
two types of sonar: active and passive. Active sonar is when a signal is
sent into the water and part of it is reflected back if it strikes a target,
such as a submarine. The distance to the object is measured by how long it
takes the sound to return. Passive sonar systems locate underwater objects
by waiting for sounds to echo off of a hydrophone
<http://www.dosits.org/science/soundsinthesea/peopleanimalsuse/sonar/>  (an
underwater microphone).

Even though sonar is not new in the world of technology, inventors and
developers have been working to find new applications and advance the
technology. Here are just a few of the latest innovations in sonar


One great way sonar technology is being put into practice is through smart
canes to help blind people detect obstacles in their path. White canes help
them detect objects that come up to knee height, but they can't let them
know about any obstacles that may be above that height. A company called
SmartCane is using sonic waves and vibratory patterns to help blind people
<http://smartcane.saksham.org/overview/>  avoid collisions and navigate the
world without assistance. The company explains that the sonar-enabled cane
helps users detect low-hanging tree branches, sides of trucks, protruding
equipment on office walls (such as air conditioners) and other objects in
narrow pathways.





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