[Nfbc-info] Roommate request please help me help you

Jordan Mirander jordanmirander at icloud.com
Tue May 23 07:06:29 UTC 2017

Hello all,
I am in need of a room mate for the convention. I have one possibility, but     I'm not sure if he is seriously going  or not. His name is Dennis rusik. However, I do not want to leave those who will be meeting me in Orlando Florida out in the cold, and so I want to room with someone who is for sure going. I will be for writing interpreting services for the general session on July 13 and July 14. If you are interested please call 951-454-7586 or email me at jordanmirander at icloud.com. And, let's get together to make this a reality for me. And to help me help you guys.

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