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Subject: Summer 2018 NASA Internships:  Reasonable Accommodation Brochure Attached

Brochure- RA GSFC FINAL-2016.pdf
National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
Equal Opportunity Programs Office
for Employees &
Applicants with
Eliminating Barriers to
Equal Employment Opportunities
Equal Opportunity
Programs Office
Margareth Bennett
Llauryn Iglehart
Deputy Director
EEO Compliance Program
Management Directive - 715 Program
Special Emphasis Programs
Equality is one of the most fundamental
principles of our nation’s heritage. The
Equal Opportunity Programs Office
provides agency-wide leadership and
advice on issues of civil rights,
equal employment opportunity, diversity,
and reasonable accommodations.
For more information,
please contact:
Equal Opportunity Program Office
Goddard Space Flight Center
Building 8, Room 445
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Main Number: (301) 286-7348
Fax Number: (301) 286- 0298
What is the Timeframe for a Decision?
Services Provided:
What if a Request for
Accomodation is Denied?
Generally, requests will be approved or denied
within thirty (30) calendar days from either the date
of the employee’s initial request or the receipt of
any required medical documentation.
Reasonable Accommodations at GSFC
GSFC Sign Language Services
Assistive Technology Demonstration Lab
If a request for reasonable accommodation is
denied by the Agency, the employee will:
• receive written notification of the reason(s)
for denial and/or the modification of
accommodation request, and
• be informed of his/her rights to file for
reconsideration, file a grievance, or initiate
the EEO complaint process.
EOPO: Striving For Excellence, Achieving Results
is committed to the principles of equal employment
opportunity for all employees and applicants for
employment. GSFC recognizes that all Center
employees need a variety of resources and support to
work efficiently to achieve the goals of the Agency.
In accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
(Rehab Act), the 1992 amendments to the Rehab Act
(requiring the application of the standards set forth in
the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), the
Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of
2008 (ADAAA), and the Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission’s (EEOC) Enforcement Guidance,
“Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship
Under the Americans with Disabilities Act,” the Center
is required to provide reasonable accommodation(s)
for the known physical or mental limitations of
qualified employees and applicants with disabilities
unless it can be shown that such accommodation(s)
would impose an undue hardship on the Agency.
What is a Reasonable Accommodation?
In general, a reasonable accommodation is any
change in the work environment or operating
procedures that enables a qualified individual with a
disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities.
Reasonable accommodations can be requested to
assist with the job application process, aid with job
performance, and/or further the benefits and
privileges of employment.
What is an example of a Reasonable
Accommodation I can request?
Common types of accommodation include:
• providing equipment or devices;
• job restructuring;
• part-time or modified work schedules;
• providing readers and interpreters; and,
• making the workplace readily accessible to
and usable by people with disabilities.
How is Disability Defined?
A disability is generally defined as a physical or
mental impairment that substantially limits one or
more major life activities (i.e., walking, speaking,
breathing, seeing, hearing, learning, caring for
oneself, performing manual tasks, sitting, standing,
lifting, reading, etc.). Whether an impairment
substantially limits a major life activity is determined  
by the nature and severity, duration (how long it is
expected to last), and impact of the impairment
(permanent/long term).
Who is a Qualified Individual with a
With respect to employment, a qualified individual
with a disability is an individual with a disability who  
satisfies the requisite skill, experience, education and
other job-related requirements of the position; and
who, with or without reasonable accommodation,
can perform the essential functions of the position.
Who Manages the Reasonable
Accommodation Process?
The GSFC Equal Opportunity Programs Office
processes requests for reasonable accommodations
made by either GSFC employees or applicants, and is
responsible for facilitating the day-to- day resolution  
of reasonable accommodation-related issues that
may arise.
What Does the Process Involve?
Step 1: Consultation
The Center and the employee/applicant should
engage in an interactive dialogue to clarify what the 
employee/ applicant needs and identify the
appropriate reasonable accommodation. During this
consultation, the employee/applicant will be asked for
suggestions for accommodations would enable
him/her to perform the job. In all cases, the
employee/applicant should be consulted before an
accommodation is made.
Step 2: Provide Medical Documentation*
For those instances where the disability and/or need
for an accommodation are not obvious, the
employee/applicant shall provide reasonable medical
documentation from a certified health professional
sufficient to substantiate that the employee has a
disability as defined by the Rehab Act, and that the
disability necessitates a reasonable accommodation.
Documentation submitted by the health professional
must establish how the requested accommodation
will assist the employee in performing the essential
functions of his/her position or how the requested
accommodation will enable the employee to enjoy the
normal benefits and privileges of the workplace.
PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary for the employee to
discuss personal/confidential medical information
with the supervisor.
Step 3: Submit Request
Once the documentation is received, the request will
be submitted to the GSFC Medical Director for review.
Requests will then be approved or denied.
*All medical documentation received will be maintained in a
confidential manner. All records will be kept in accordance
with the Privacy Act, EEOC Privacy Act regulations, the
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2008,
the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008
(ADAAA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
Act, and the Rehab Act.
The Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
Equal Opportunity
Programs Office
EOPO: Striving For Excellence, Achieving Results

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