[Nfbc-info] To listen to live streaming of the NFB National Convention

Joy Stigile joystigile at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 01:18:03 UTC 2018

Hello National Federation of the Blind of California members.

Please find below an easy way to get to the links to listen to the live
streaming of our National Convention July 5 -8, 2018.

Warmly, Joy


Dear Fellow Federationists:


  The 2018 national convention is at hand, and everyone is eagerly
anticipating the week of excitement and inspiration which lies ahead. 

Though we would love to see every member of our Federation family in
Orlando, we recognize that not everyone will be able to join us in person.
That's why we at 195 The Globe are proud to present the online stream of
this year's convention, together with exclusive coverage you'll only hear on
our station! As part of this coverage, we're giving you an opportunity not
just to listen, but to participate in convention with us on air. Here's how
you can listen to the stream and interact with the team:


> Tune In: 195 The Globe offers a myriad of ways to listen to our convention
coverage. Of course, you can access the stream in either your favorite media
player or your Web browser by visiting 195theglobe.com and clicking on our
"Listen" page. But you can also listen on virtually all devices you have! If
you would like to listen on your smartphone or tablet, download the free
TuneIn Radio app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play store, then
search for 195 The Globe. If you want to enjoy convention with Alexa, you
need only say, "Alexa, play 195 The Globe on TuneIn." On a Google Home, just
replace "Alexa" with "Hey Google". If you have a notetaker or a Digital
Talking Book player such as the Victor Reader Stream with ooTunes
functionality, search for 195 The Globe and the stream will play. You can
even listen with your touch-tone phone and on NFB-Newsline! Need more
information, including our streaming schedule? It's all here: 

https://nfb.org/convention/2018/stream. Be sure to join us for the
Pre-session Coverage listed in the streaming schedule, as we'll be airing
interviews with various Federation leaders who play an important part in
making convention possible, including some whose voices you might not have
heard before!


> Tweet In: Here at The Globe, we believe that if we want to give you the
coverage you deserve, we must be actively engaging with you on social media.
For that reason, we will be active on our Twitter throughout the week,
highlighting our broadcasts, tweeting about special moments on the
convention floor, and taking your feedback. We invite you to follow us on
Twitter at @195_theglobe, and to monitor the hashtags #NFB18 and
#GlobeOnAir. We will use both hashtags frequently to tweet about what we're
up to in Orlando, including information about our special on-air coverage.
If you want to give us some feedback or just say hi, feel free to mention
@195_theglobe in a tweet and we just might read it on-air!


> Call In: We're excited to partner with the Nation's Blind Podcast to give
you an opportunity to share your convention memories, stories and feedback
in a voicemail! Just call the podcast's feedback line at

(410) 659-9314, extension 2444. Leave your message in the voicemail box, and
you might hear your message on-air. Hosting a banquet listening party?
Invite us in virtually! Heard something which struck a chord with you? Tell
us about it! Have a special convention memory or magic moment? Share your
story! Whether it's before or during convention, leave us your voicemail and
let us hear from you.


  Whether you're in Orlando or participating online, we hope you'll check
out what The Globe has to offer and participate in our coverage on the phone
or on social media. If you have any questions about The Globe's convention
coverage or would like to give us some feedback, please email Chris Nusbaum
at cnusbaum at 195theglobe.com <mailto:cnusbaum at 195theglobe.com> . We look
forward to playing a part in making this convention memorable!


> Happy listening,

>  > Chris Nusbaum, David Dunphy, Clara Deitz and Dennis Sumlin  > Your 195
The Globe Stream Team  >

  Chris Nusbaum, Programming Director

> 195 The Globe

  (951) 456-2324


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