[Nfbc-info] Movie pass and disability rights New York

Lisa Irving peacefulwoman89 at cox.net
Thu Jul 5 17:40:40 UTC 2018

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First, for those of you who are attending convention I hope you are learning a lot, making new friends and having a fantastic time. The purpose of this letter is to invite those of you who have purchased a MoviePass to contact disability rights New York.

As you may know, each state has an advocacy organization including California and New York. Movie pass is located in New York. I am encouraging everyone who has movie pass to please contact disability rights New York. I left a voicemail for an intake worker named Virginia. Disability rights New York will help individuals living outside of their state if The offending business is located in their state. You can find contact information to communicate with disability rights of New York online or via telephone.

If you months ago, I and if you other individuals spoke with a representative from Tim Elders office. The consensus was we believed that movie pass would fade into the past. This still may be the case however they keep re-branding and expanding and evolving. I do not think they are going away all too soon. Therefore I encourage you to advocate and a half of yourself and your peers thank you for considering contacting disability rights New York.

From, Lisa Irving

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