[Nfbc-info] Casting Blind Actor

tim at timeldermusic.com tim at timeldermusic.com
Fri Mar 9 21:55:59 UTC 2018

We should applaud the entertainment industry trying to cast actual blind
people in roles depicting blind characters.  I hope someone auditions for



A film director is hoping to cast a blind person to play a blind character
in this film instead of having a sighted actor pretending to be blind. 



Role: A smart, funny, lighthearted and quickwitted Jewish grandmother who is

Film Summary: "As a brother and sister describe what is happening in a movie
to their blind grandmother, they begin to realize they see things through
their different gender perspectives."

Company: Vanishing Angle

Shoot Date: 3/25, 3/26 Los Angeles CA

Pay: SAG deferred


If interested, please contact film director Lauren Smitelli at
laurensmitelli at gmail.com <mailto:laurensmitelli at gmail.com> 


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