[Nfbc-info] State Legislative Alert

Shannon Dillon shannonldillon at gmail.com
Tue May 22 22:18:50 UTC 2018

Good afternoon,

 Please contact your
 state senators and ask them to support AB 1865 to protect guide dogs in
 training from attacks, and guide dogs who are not in
 discharge of their duties when they are attacked. Currently puppies in
 training are not protected, and guide dogs are protected but only if
 they are attacked while they are in discharge of their duties. If a dog is
 relieving, or it is in a yard and not guiding its handler when it is attacked,
 it is not protected. AB 1865 would change that. AB 1865 also asks for
 compensation of lost wages a guide dog hander loses as a result of the
 attack on the guide dog. That may include time a person takes off from
 work to get medical treatment for their dog or time they take off from
 work to attend a training program to get another guide dog.

 Sometimes guide dogs are unable to continue to work after they have
 been attacked for physical or behavioral reasons resulting from the
 attack. If that is the case, the handler has to attend a guide dog
 school to obtain another guide dog. Guide dog schools generally
 require two to four weeks of training, and most require the training
 to take place in a residential program. The handler can't work during
 the time they attend the training program. Some handlers are also
 unable to be paid for time they take off work to take their guide dog
 for medical treatment. AB 1865 would allow a handler to apply for
 wages and medical expenses lost as a result of the attack on their
 guide dog.

 You don't have to be a guide dog user to support this legislation. You
 just have to call or write your senator and say you support AB 1865.


Secretary and Legislative Coordinator
National Federation of the Blind
of California

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