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Rachel Grider rachel.grider at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 17:05:34 UTC 2019

Hello, Fellow Federationists!

Below is some information from James Boehm, founder of You Cane Give,
an organization that distributes canes to countries where it is
otherwise very difficult or impossible for blind citizens to obtain
canes. Please consider helping by bringing your extra canes, folding
or straight, to our NFB state convention in November. Even broken
canes are accepted, as they can be refurbished.

See you all in Milpitas!


Turn Your”convention” Into a “Cane-Vention!” With the

You Cane Give Initiative

Wondering what to do with that old cane you no longer use in the
closet? Is that drawer of used canes collecting dust and taking up
space? Donate your old canes to the “You Cane Give” program. We are
collecting donated canes to refurbish and send to individuals who are
blind and visually impaired around the world. Let’s face it, we have
it good in America. With the click of a button, we can order almost
anything we need, including a cane. In countries like Mexico, China,
India, and South Africa, people do not have access to the proper tools
to empower independence and success. Do not let your canes go to
waste!  “You Cane Give” allows you to help us give your used cane to a
person far away who needs it!

James Boehm has spoken with many individuals around the world who have
shared heartbreaking stories of family and friends who have died
because of attempting to travel across the street without a cane.
Initially, our focus was on empowering the blind, changing
stereotypes, and equipping for equality and independence. But we
realized that it is so much more than that. “Blind people are actually
losing their lives,” In our trip to Kenya, blind organizations are
referring to the shortage of canes as a “white cane famine!” You Cane
Give not only empowers the lives of the blind, but it also saves
lives. We are in need of canes in all sizes. We are able to send
folding canes overseas, but straight canes can be donated to
individuals within the United States. We have contacts in Peru,
Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, the Philippines, and South Africa wishing for a
cane of their own. Our state convention is a great opportunity to
throw used canes into your suitcase. As a thank you, You Cane Give
will donate a Kustom Cane gift certificate and other cool accessories
for door prizes as a thank you for your support! Bring your donated
canes or tips to the You Cane Give designated location!  Thank you so
much!! We appreciate your generosity!

-      James and Wendy Boehm, founders of You Cane Give

You can ship your donated canes to:

You Cane Give

 7303 Althorp Way

 Nashville, TN 37211

 Want to make a donation or see where your canes are going around the
world? Well, then check out ‘]

our website: www.youcanegive.org

Email: youcanegive at gmail.com

Also, here is our Facebook page:


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