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Hi Nancy,

I actually buy books on a regular basis.
First, I should mention that I am in school, working towards my Masters in Rehab Counseling and Public Admin. I require all my textbooks in an accessible digital format.  
 but I am also an avid reader. I enjoy buying books from a variety of genres, both fiction and non fiction.  I buy and order books from Barnes and Noble as well as from Vroman's Books in Pasadena, Ca. I recently bought, Gross Point Blank by Sandra and Kevin Quigley, a spy novel.
I also download books from BART to read on my mobile phone while I am traveling or while donating platelets at the Red Cross.
So, when you are told that the blind do not buy digitized books, please correct them. While, we may not buy them in the same numbers as sighted people, we do buy.

Roy Payan


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Have you ever bought a book for yourself to read? I know we often buy print books as gifts for others, but have you ever bought a book in an accessible format for yourself? It’s been said that blind people don’t buy books, and I’m just curious as to how true that statement actually is. Please write me off list at the email address below, and thanks in advance for responding. If you’re willing, you can also tell me what you bought and why.
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