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Please see the below alert. Please write to your state representatives
by Sep 15. The language is provided.

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>> Subject: [CAPVI news:] action alert, need you to write to State representatives by Sept. 15
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>> "We are pleased to announce that AB-947, the Orientation & Mobility/Expanded Core Curriculum bill for visually impaired pupils, PASSED THE SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE by a unanimous vote!  The next step is a vote on the floor of the Senate, and if it passes, signing by the governor.  We are sailing smoothly forward to passing this important bill!  Please contact your State Senator to urge them to support AB-947 (see sample below with directions)!"
>> FAPE Committee
>> California Association of Orientation & Mobility Specialists
>> California Association of Orientation & Mobility Specialists (CAOMS)
>> caomsfape at gmail.com
>> Support Needed for Assembly Bill 947
>> AB 947 supports access to the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) and Orientation & Mobility Instruction in Home and Community Environments
>> for Students with Visual Impairments!
>> California Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva, Democrat representing District 65 in Orange County, has introduced AB947.  The will face a vote on the floor of the State Senate
>> Link to the bill:  https://legiscan.com/CA/text/AB947/2019
>> PLEASE Contact your State Senator
>> before September  15
>> and  ask them to support AB 947
>> *Find your California Legislators:  http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/
>> *Please let Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva know you have contacted your state legislators in support of AB 947 at this link.
>> Sample letter:
>> Dear Assembly Member/Senator
>> I urge you to support for AB 947, which promotes visually impaired students’ access to the expanded core curriculum (ECC), including instruction in orientation and mobility (O&M), the use of braille or large print media, assistive technology, socialization, independent living, and sensory efficiency. Because children with visual impairments do not have the same opportunities for visual learning that sighted students have, they require specialized instruction in these areas. I am a mobility teacher for blind and visually impaired students in the school system.  I am very concerned about the restrictions that many school districts impose which prevent blind and visually impaired students from receiving adequate assessment and instruction in the ECC. Some students need lessons in the ECC before or after school hours so it won’t conflict with academic instruction. Many school districts limit ECC instruction to school hours even though they permit the student body to receive other school-sponsored supplemental academic instruction and athletic, social or recreational activities outside of school hours. Many school districts limit off campus O&M instruction. This prevents many students with visual impairments from learning the concepts and skills they need to travel safely and independently in home and community environments as adults. Visually impaired adults need to be able to access mass transit and travel complex travel routes if they are going to have a chance to be independent, successfully employed adults. To develop these essential O&M skills, students who are blind or visually impaired must have exposure to, and training in, a wide variety of settings to develop conceptual understandings of all the environmental features they may encounter in residential and urban areas. Your support of AB 947 will help ensure that students with visual impairments have access to training they require and are legally entitled to get.
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