[NFBC-Info] Chapter meeting, Saturday, 04/18/2020 at 3:00PM via Zoom

Brian Buhrow buhrow at nfbcal.org
Fri Apr 17 21:38:48 UTC 2020

	Forwarding this from the San Jose Chapter's list, in case anyone wants
to join us.

	hello fellow NFB SJ chapter members.  It is once again time for our
monthly chapter meeting.  (I know, we met late in March, which is why this
seems rather sudden).  
	Jamie has graciously agreed to host this meeting again via Zoom, so we
will meet via Zoom, see link below, this Saturday, 04/18/2020, at 3:00PM.
I don't have a lot of agenda items for this meeting, but I'm sure there
will be a good bit of discussion around the items I do have.  And, of
course, if anyone on this list has additional items they want to add to the
agenda, please send them to the list or to me so we can get them in.

1.  National convention goes virtual.
this year's NFB National Convention is moving to the Internet, rather than
Texas.  What that looks like and how it will all work is still very much in
flux.  However, we should discuss, as it will be an opportunity for
everyone in our state to attend with very little cost.

2.  Discussion of President Riccobono's Presidential releases.  Although
it is possible to broadcast the recordings over the Zoom meeting, I'd
prefer that members listen to them ahead of time, so we can spend our time
discussing the content.  Send mail to this list if you need help finding
the links to the releases themselves.

3.  Accessibility in the age of Corona.  I see that  one of the changes the
governor is calling for in the new age of business when things begin to
open up again is a potential requirement for restaurants to provide
disposable menus.  I realize there are not many restaurants that provide
braille menus, but many national chain restaurants do and I like looking at
them, especially now that I pay attention to things like serving size and
calorie counts.  What are the implications of access to braille menus with
this new requirement and how should we, as an organization, address them?
Are there other accessibility issues folks are encountering
in this new no-touch world?

4.  Ways to help folks feel more connected.  The state affiliate hosts a
chapter president's call each month where chapter presidents get together
and discuss techniques for enlivening their chapters.  One chapter does a
monthly call tree where members reach out to other members each month,
between meetings, to see how they're doing.  Would folks feel more
connected if our chapter began doing something like that?  Let's discuss.

	Looking forward to meeting with everyone this Saturday.


Brian Buhrow, president, NFB of San Jose.


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