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This is time-sensitive, and this could help blind folks, too.

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Subject: [berkeley-disabled] FW: Join Us to Build More Affordable
Accessible Housing!
Sun, 26 Apr 2020 19:40:21 -0700

Only if you want publicly-funded housing to be accessible, take the
listed below by Natasha Reyes of Disability Rights CA.  Otherwise, you
lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get more accessible housing.
DRC has been working on these code changes for 6 years.  This opportunity
won't come again.

Timeline:  Q&A Tuesday, the 28th with DRC.  That's next Tuesday.

Timeline:  Your letter must be sent by May 18th.  

Can we do this?



From: Natasha Reyes [mailto:Natasha.Reyes at disabilityrightsca.org] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 1:39 PM
To: Dara Schur <Dara.Schur at disabilityrightsca.org>
Subject: Join Us to Build More Affordable Accessible Housing!




We are getting down to the wire - after years of advocacy we finally have
chance to make affordable housing more accessible! Disability Rights
California has been advocating since 2012 to bring the state building code
into compliance with federal standards requiring accessible units for
with mobility and hearing/vision disabilities. If change doesn't happen
it may be years before we have another chance. Please join us in this
stretch. We know this is a tough time to ask for your help, but we
be reaching out if this wasn't important.


A dozen organizations signed on to our February letter and provided
at a meeting in Sacramento! Two state agencies have now approved Building
Code language making accessible units mandatory, but the Building
Commission will vote on the final adoption of critical building code
changes. This is the most critical time to act!


The public comment period will be open until Monday, May 18, 2020. 


Please join us on a call on Tuesday, April 28 at 1:30pm to answer your
questions, discuss why this is important and ways you can help get the
out to the client community and others. Join Online:
002687 OR By Phone: 1-669-900-6833 Webinar ID: 995 3753 9659.


If you can find the time, please write a letter to the Buildings
Commission on your letterhead talking about your or your client
and why this is important. Submit it by email to the Commission by May
2020. See Attachment A for a sample letter attached for you to
It does not need to be long. It just needs to convey how accessible
affordable housing would benefit you and the communities you serve.


We also ask you to please sign on to DRC's more technical letter. That
letter is attached as Attachment B. 


We have also attached a flyer describing the importance of the proposed
Building Code changes as Attachment C and the text of the proposed
Code language as Attachment D.


Please let us hear from you by May 13, 2020. If you would like to sign-on
the DRC letter, please send us your name and organization for the
section. If you also send your own letter, please send us a copy at
<mailto:natasha.reyes at disabilityrightsca.org>
natasha.reyes at disabilityrightsca.org and
<mailto:dara.schur at disabilityrightsca.org>
dara.schur at disabilityrightsca.org. 


If you can't make the call, please let us know if you would like to
on an email list addressing these issues as we go forward.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by email or
(213-213-8119). Thank you in advance for your support!



Natasha and Dara


List of Attachments


Attachment A: Sample Letter 

Attachment B: DRC Letter for Sign-ons

Attachment C: Fact Sheet

Attachment D: Proposed Building Code Language


Natasha A. Reyes (she/her)

Staff Attorney II

Disability Rights California, Legal Advocacy Unit

350 South Bixel Street, Suite 290, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Tel: (213) 213-8000 or Dir: (213) 213-8119 | Fax: (213) 213-8001

TTY: (800) 719-5798

Intake Line: 800-776-5746


The information in this transmittal (including attachments, if any) is
privileged and confidential and is intended only for the recipient(s)
above. Any review, use, disclosure, distribution or copying of this
transmittal is prohibited except by or on behalf of the intended
If you have received this transmittal in error, please notify me
by reply email and destroy all copies of the transmittal. Any inadvertent
disclosure does not waive the attorney-client privilege. Thank you

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