[NFBC-Info] Seeking Advice and Support regarding the Department of Rehabilitation

claude at klein-edwards.com claude at klein-edwards.com
Mon Aug 3 02:00:12 UTC 2020


Good day fellow Federationists. With great trepidation, I am seeking advice
and support from someone with NFB regarding my situation with the California
Department of Rehabilitation. Without going into details here, I would like
to discuss ( with due discretion ) my frustrations and concerns, which are
causing stress and anxiety in my mind ... creeping into my daily life. I
don't specifically know who to ask or contact for assistance, so I look
forward hearing from someone, if you know who I can contact, or if you are
that person. 

Please reply to me at: calypte.costay at gmail.com
<mailto:calypte.costay at gmail.com> 

Respectfully, Claude Edwards 



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