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Sun Mar 15 04:29:23 UTC 2020

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A world without social connections is lifeless.  Socially distancing
oneself is maddening!

For the very first time in my very existence, I have had to grasp the
idea without college basebball or college tennis, the XFL, and
Baseball.  It hurts!

I am blind, but I am not alone.  My birthday plans, (my birthday is next
Saturday) have been ruined by COVID19.  Yet, it's very hard to say, Happy

I do not see panic or hopelessness in this pandemic; this tragedy. 
Rather, I see optimism.

I have been a told that an optimist is someone who believes in positive
thoughts; a pesimist is someone who thinks negative thoughts.  As a proud
member of the organized blind movement, "I Can See Clearly Now," has a new
meaning.  I know there will be an outcome, I know it may be 3 weeks or 4
weeks; I pray sooner; but I remain optimistic.  Let us put our differences
to the side and please watch our language.  No, not just cursing.  Let us
voice our concerns with vigor and concern.  Finally, let us, in the words
of Lift Every Voice and Sing, march on till victory is won!


Eric from Los Angeles.  Friend, advocate, sportsman, sports fan.  Live
the life you want.  Never let prejudice step in your way.  Blindness
not hold you back. Eric: chargerdodger at pmpmail.com.  And remember to be
good to each other!

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