[NFBC-Info] Game Night Saturday, March 28

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Bonnie Blose
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Subject: Game Night Saturday, March 28 
As is the case  in present circumstances, the game night scheduled for this
past Wednesday was not successful. Since so many people are relying on
conference lines to hold meetings,  they   sometimes do not work as they
should. This was the case Wednesday when most who attempted to join  could
not access the line. We will try again tomorrow at 8:30 Eastern, 7:30
Central, 6:30 Mountain, and 5:30 Pacific time to have our time  to play a
game we enjoy.
This is  where you have the opportunity to answer life questions presented
by others or  bring your own. If you have been wondering about something in
particular or face a  challenge at this time you would like to discuss,
please bring it. Although we ordinarily deal with life questions of a fun
and less serious nature, what we are experiencing now brings questions to
mind never thought about before. If you have thought of attending before but
were busy because we met on a Wednesday and have more time during weekends,
consider joining the fun.
To join us, call 425-436-6260. Put in the code 6201340, press pound, and you
will be just where you need to be to join our  get together which has become
a tradition many of us look forward to attending.  
Bonnie Blose

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