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This has lots of potential.



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Hey Activiewer,

We have BIG news to share! We've been heads down for the past few months at Actiview trying to find the best way to bring accessibility to everyone who needs it and...


We're proud to announce that the Actiview technology has been purchased by and will be joining Spectrum's family of products and will be augmenting accessibility for millions of households!


What does this mean for users?

We've been heads down working with Spectrum to smoothly transition the app and ensure that it's set up to continue providing access to movies. Continued access is our #1 priority! Now that the app has been transitioned to Spectrum, the app will continue to be the same empowering platform we've strived so hard to build.

Do I still get to use the Actiview app?
While the Actiview app will be turned off and you can remove it from your phones, the Spectrum app will offer continued access using Actiview's technology!

Where can I get the new app?
It's under a new name on the Apple App Store: "Spectrum Access: Enabled Media." You can download the app  <https://actiview.us16.list-manage.com/track/click?u=c75188cf5d359ff0f235c4bf7&id=512dd9b208&e=d86ca1298e> here.




What movies will Spectrum Access have in the future?

We know one of the biggest challenges with Actiview in the past has been the limited selection of films on the app. One of the biggest benefits of working with Spectrum is that you will have access to their amazing library of films and content in addition to their stellar relationships with the Hollywood industry. This means more movies, more access, and a better entertainment experience for everyone. The app already has hundreds of films on it!


Will Actiview work for Non-Spectrum customers?

The app is available for download for everybody. You can find it on the app store at the link above.


What will happen to the Actiview team?

We're so proud of what we've built and so excited to see Actiview continue on with a bigger library of films and a broader audience. We're working alongside the Spectrum team to ensure that the app is transitioned smoothly into their capable hands and then we will continue to offer support however we can to the folks at Spectrum and to the app. Individually, we're moving on to our next (hopefully big) things.


What started as a simple problem we wanted to solve for friends that were asking for a solution has turned into a more than 4 year journey for us. We've learned so much, have met so many incredible people, and experienced so many unbelievable stories. It's been our pleasure to spend this time with the blind and deaf communities and we have high confidence that our work, goals, and people-driven approach will be continued by Spectrum going forward.


Thanks for all that you've done to support us. It's meant the world to the Actiview team.

Yours in access,

The Actiview Team








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