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The National Federation of the Blind of California Inland Empire Chapter
presents the 2020 Virtual Walk a Mile in My Shoes Challenge!

The  competition and video submissions has been extended.

Submissions for the competition are now due by October 31, 2020 .


Do you have friends or family that have thought about what it is like to
live life blind? We have a great way for your sighted family and friends to
gain that experience as we create awareness about the blind community. 

The video competition and cash prizes are only available to members of the
blind community that submit a video of themselves challenging their sighted
friends or family and completing the task together.

Videos submitted for the competition should include friends or family of
blind individuals attempting a walk or daily tasks while wearing a sleep
shade or blindfold.


Remember to stay safe while performing this challenge!

Each challenge is performed at your own risk. The Inland Empire Chapter
shall not be held liable for injuries that may be obtain while taking the

All submissions should be emailed to Ed Davis at 1stamendmented at gmail.com
<mailto:1stamendmented at gmail.com> .

Soon after submission you will be tagged  with a comment in the NFBC Inland
Empire Chapter FB Page at

Your submissions should include #BlindMileChallenge in order to raise
awareness for this event. 

Winners will be chosen November 13, 2020 at 6:00 pm pacific time, by the
audience vote via Zoom call.


The top three winners will receive CASH PRIZES!


To qualify for cash prizes, videos must include a blind or visually impaired


1st Place - $500 

2nd Place - $300 

3rd Place - $200


This challenge was created to raise awareness for blindness and related
charities which includes: The National Federation of the Blind of California
BELL Academy That provides training in Braille and Mobility for blind
children to help them with their education and independence.


The National Federation of the Blind of California Inland Empire Chapter we
provide Scholarships to members of the blind community by purchasing
Assistive technology to help make their lives or job easier:


You will find both of the above charities inside the following link




The You Cane Give Initiative This organization provides mobility canes to
the blind community within 3rd world countries where they are not available
or affordable: 





Please consider donating if you are able. All donations of any size will be
greatly appreciated and welcome.

The two links are listed above. We look forward to enjoying your video

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!



Edward Davis

2nd Vice President 

National Federation of the Blind of California

Inland Empire Chapter

(909) 532-9513 or 1stamendmented at gmail.com <mailto:1stamendmented at gmail.com>

You Can Live The Life You Want 


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