[NFBC-Info] Addressing concerns about the Walk A Mile event

Edward Davis 1stamendmented at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 04:14:13 UTC 2020

                To all concerned:


I respect everyone's concerns after reading what happened in 2016 and what
you all feel was a bad reflection on the blind community.


Let me first assure you that the chapter and I are in no way trying to do
anything to cast a bad light on the NFB or the blind community.


Whenever we as a chapter of the NFB are planning an event we always take
into consideration the NFB'S reputation and are mindful not to tarnish it in
any way.


Our goal is to educate and create awareness of how we as independent blind
individuals perform daily task.


Our chapter has been honored to do this event for the past three years and
received nothing but great reviews and thanks for what they learned at our


We are already doing as Brian Buhrow has suggested and asking members of the
blind community to find a family or friend and challenge them to perform a
task as a blind person by wearing a sleep shade or blindfold.


We are asking everyone to video themselves doing the task and instructing
their family member or friend on how to perform the task, then continue the
video with the person now doing the task with the sleep shade or blindfold
on and conclude the video with the person speaking on what their experience
was like for them.


Last year we even secured AARP as a sponsor to put on the event and the
Lighthouse for the Blind San Bernardino hosted it for us as well as


Again, we received nothing but positive feedback from over 200 people that
attended the event.


I hope I have addressed all your concerns, but if not feel free to contact
me and I will be happy to address them for you.


Edward Davis

2nd Vice President 

National Federation of the Blind of California

Inland Empire Chapter

(909) 532-9513 or 1stamendmented at gmail.com <mailto:1stamendmented at gmail.com>

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