[NFBC-Info] Accessible property tax bill

Brian Buhrow buhrow at nfbcal.org
Tue Jan 5 21:47:07 UTC 2021

	hello David.  Even though you can extract the text of the PDF in your property tax bill
with Adobe Reader, have you tried running OCR over it to see if that preserves the columns in a
better way?  I've found that different  OCR processes do different jobs of formatting the text,
some better than others, and, between a combination of text extraction and OCR passes, I can
get most of what I need from the PDF documents.  I don't know the answer to the question about
whether you can call the county tax assessor's office and ask for and receive an accessible
version of the bill.

On Jan 5,  1:33pm, David Sexton via NFBC-Info wrote:
} Subject: [NFBC-Info] Accessible property tax bill
} Is it possible to get an accessible version of my property tax bill? I 
} live in Alameda county.
} I can get the bills online, but the pdf is out of order so I cannot 
} understand what numbers go with which service.
} In other words, I can understand how much I owe in total, but not the 
} breakdown.
} David
} _______________________________________________

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