[NFBC-Info] Violation of ADA Law

Denise Bravell dbravell at samobile.net
Fri Jan 29 04:31:18 UTC 2021

Several months ago the apartment complex where some of our members live 
removed the bench in front of the entrance to our building because 
there were homeless people found sleeping on the bench.  This is the 
same building in which we hold our chapter meetings.  The management 
said this was done for our safety.  When seniors or disabled people 
need to wait for rides, there is no place for them to sit.  Since then, 
all benches including those in the courtyard have been removed.  We 
were told that this is to prevent residents from gathering due to 
covid-19.  We are confined to our apartments and have no place to sit 
if we want to go in to the courtyard to get some sun.  Is this a 
violation of ADA law?
Denise Bravell

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