[NFBC-Info] I am searching for Universities that it is not private that has computer programming courses for my programming major please help.

Janet Tabora janetctabora at gmail.com
Tue May 2 17:17:24 UTC 2023

Hello everyone, this is Janet Tabora, and I am a new member. I am
visually impaired, and I am currently attending community College in
Stockton CA and I am changing my major to be computer programming. I
am completing my GE this semester at the community College and
completed fifty-two credits for my transfer. I need help finding a
university that is not private that has Programming courses for my new
major. Does any of you have any idea to where I could find one? I am
asking because my DSPS counselor at my community College are not able
to find one that is not private that has programming courses she is
looking at specifically in Instruction Technology software
Development. I have been in contact with New Hampshire University, and
it is a good school, but my Department of Rehab counselor wants me to
go to a university that is not private, but I am having difficulty
finding one in California or at least between Stockton, Sacramento,
San Bernardino, and San Francisco Universities.
Any help or advice I can get will be much appreciated.
Thank you all so much.
Best, Janet

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