[NFBC-Info] Regarding Blind Representation on Boards of Directors for Agencies for the Blind

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Dear NFBCA Members,

I too am very proud of the San Joaquin County Chapter for their persistence
in advocating for Diversity and Inclusion on subject matter having to do
with the 
needs of Blind people. I also want to commend the SJC/NFB for continuing the
work of its founders, Ken and Velvet Vollante whose combined efforts help
make The San Joanquin Valley inclusive for all. With that said, I think its
time to make it formal and let it be known, that the CA affiliate sands in
solidarity with our Chapter. 

Tina Thomas--- 

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Subject: [NFBC-Info] Regarding Blind Representation on Boards of Directors
for Agencies for the Blind

Dear Federationists,


I am writing to highlight and support the San Joaquin County Chapter's
advocacy with the Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
(CCBVI) in Stockton.  For the last several years members of the chapter have
been fighting for much-needed reforms and changes at CCBVI.  Many of the
problems identified can be traced to a lack of representation from actual
blind members of the community on the agency's board of directors.  


The National Federation of the Blind has passed several resolutions at the
national and state level addressing this concern over blind representation
in the board leadership in these agencies that purport to serve us.  For
example, the most recent can be found at the following link.



In addition, Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the
Blind, addressed a related topic during the banquet speech of our 2023
National Convention.



The National Federation of the Blind of California stands firmly alongside
the San Joaquin County Chapter and their efforts to bring about change at
CCBVI and other agencies that lack meaningful representation in board
leadership.  We call upon CCBVI and other agencies to embrace blind
involvement at every level of the organization. 

Blind individuals must be respected and incorporated into decision-making
processes that directly affect their lives.  We have concerns that this is
not happening based on missed opportunities to recruit qualified blind
leaders who are willing to serve on boards of directors.  We urge CCBVI and
others to respect and incorporate the input of blind stakeholders who are
asking for change.


We can live the lives we want.  Blindness is not what holds us back.  





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