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National Federation of the Blind of California

Los Angeles Pathfinder Chapter


Meeting Minutes

Date: April 15,2021

Time: 10:22am


Meeting was facilitated By: Arietta Woods Second Vice President

Welcome: Arietta Woods

Prayer: Wednesday Wheat

Pledge of Allegiance: Nellie Cardenas

Federation Pledge: Betsy Estrada


Minutes Review/acceptance

Minutes accepted as read

Moved By: Betsy Estrada 

Second By: Wednesday Wheat

All in favor


Treasure Report was reviewed by Arietta Woods Second Vice President

There are no questions, concerns, or additions at this time


Member Attendance:

Arietta Woods, Betsy Estrada, Charlotte Carroll, Janette Stewart, Lena

Nellie Cardenas, Nicolas Rocha, Shelbi Felter, Tina Thomas, Wednesday Wheat

Vernell Lowery



Elizabeth Pizone


April Birthdays:

Charlotte Carroll, Addy Moore, Jacquisse Braxton, 


Sick and shut In

Rochelle Houston, Lucille Walker, Addy Moore, Alan Bell, 

Jacquisse Braxton, Wednesday Wheat, Jennifer Riggins


National Federation of the Blind 

National Convention

Will be held via ZOOM

Registration is free at this time. However, donations of $20 will qualify
those who register to be entered into a drawing that will win a prize!

Convention will be attended from:

July6, through July 10, 2021

You can find more information about the National Convention online at:



More information about convention registration will be sent out by our
chapter president, Tina Thomas, and our National Federation of the Blind



National Federation of the Blind 

State Convention will be held via ZOOM

More information will be available later this year


Ice Breaker: Arietta Woods

NFB Trivia


Guest/New Members


Elizabeth Pizone 

Moved By: Charlotte Carroll

Second By: Tina Thomas

All in favor

Elizabeth Pizone is now an official  member of the Los Angeles Pathfinder


Fund Raising Committee:

Chairperson: Charlotte Carroll

Annual Bar-B-Q will be held at Eucalyptus Park

Members fee: $10

Guest Fee: $15

This will take place on the last Saturday of August if permitted by CDC

In order to raise more funds for the chapter

There will be an auction held at the annual bar-b-q 

All members are being asked to donate unused or lightly used items 

All funds gathered from this auction will go to the Pathfinder chapter fund

It is recommended that we purchase See's candy in the month of October 

This candy should be distributed during the holiday season


New Members/Chapter Development Committee

Chairman: Michael Richardson

No Report


Community Outreach Committee:

Chairperson: Tina Thomas

More ZOOM training will be available for all members to attend the National
Federation of the Blind Convention online

Classes will be scheduled to assists members in the log In process, hand
raising features and more

All members are encouraged to participate


Social Committee:

No Report


Scholarship Committee:

Chairperson: Arietta Woods

Thanks you for all donations received

We have almost reached our funding goal

Please keep donating 

The scholarship helps students who are currently enrolled in college who
have a 

3.0 grade average




Those who are 16 years and up may be vaccinated starting May 15, 2021

Although it is not mandatory that we be vaccinated it is highly encouraged


National Federation of the Blind 

Code of Conduct Amendment 

More information is available online

at: nfb.orb


A telephone meeting about the Code of Conduct will be held this evening at 

5:00pm today

All members are encouraged to attend. There will be answers to questions and
more information about the Code of Conduct during these sessions


Meeting Adjourned

Time: 11:22am

Moved By: Betsy Estrada

Second by: Charlotte Carroll

Meeting Adjourned




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