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Pathfinder Chapter Minutes for May 17, 2022
The Meeting was called to order at 11:02 a.m., at the Eucalyptus Park in Hawthorne CA.
The meeting was opened with a song from Arietta, and a prayer from Jeffery.  Michael said the pledge of allegiance, and the NFB pledge was resited by all.
Arietta made a motion to accept The minutes as received and read, seconded by Betsy.  It was approved by all, and opposed  by none.
The treasury report was acknowledged
Roll call was taken with all of the following people in attendance: Rochelle Houston, Arietta Woods, Charlotte Carroll, Michael Richardson, Jeffery Sims, Vernell Lowery, Ruthie Houston,  Jackie Stewart, Nellie Cardenas, Lena Foster, Nicholas, Betsy Estrada, Tina Thomas Madeline Denton & Ever Hairston.  Betsy brought a guest, named  Phillip Muro. 
The sick and shut-in was recognized and prayed for.  We were informed that Allen Bell has moved to Las Vegas, but is still in the chapter and his dues are current.  Tiera James, Ruth Sager, David Mejia & Joe Ruffalow passed recently.
Rochelle informed the chapter that our annual dues are $25, which is due in October. If you have not yet paid your dues for this year, please send them in so you can be in good standing with the chapter  If a person wants to join, we require that they first attend a meeting, and then they can be voted IN at the next meeting that they attend.
The National convention was discussed, in regards to the hotels, reservations and hotel fees.  The chapter members that will attend the national convention are; Arietta Woods, Jackie Stewart, Michael Richardson, Jeffery Sims, Vernell, Cathy Gaten, and possibly others.  Tina Thomas made a motion that the chapter give each member attending  the national convention a $100. Each, and Ruthie Houston seconded it.
The state convention has not been finalized as yet.  It will be during the first week of November in San Diego. At the Marriott courtyard
Rochelle reminded the chapter that the state has a monthly note book, which gives all of the events and info for the month.  All info for the note book has to be submitted to Rochelle before the 23rd of the Pryor month.
The scholarship committee report was given by Arietta.  The applications will be available from March 31, 2022 thru August 1, 2022.  The venue for the banquet has not yet been chosen, and she reminded everybody that all contributions will be greatly appreciated.  Also reminder that the  chapter  agreed to give the scholarship fund 20% of the chapter’s fundraising events
  Ever pledged to give the scholarship fund $20, which was graciously accepted by Arietta.
Charlotte gave the fundraising report.  She apologized for not setting up the restaurant fund raiser for May, but was in the process of arranging the June restaurant fund raiser at Shakey’s in Whittier.  The fund raiser for September will be set up later.  The only fund raiser other than restaurants is Rochelle’s play in October.
Michael gave the Chapter Development/New membership committee report.  Outside of holding walks at the Norman Houston Park, which are fore maintaining good health,  there is nothing else to report.
Tina Thomas gave the Outreach committee report.  She chimed in on the walks in the park, and the participation with the Hearts4Sight Foundation.
Rochelle informed the chapter of all of the events that the Hearts4Sight Foundation does for the blind.  They provide various things such as; hiking, biking, Yoga, Cardio/resistant training, camping, fishing, counseling, mental health support groups, and  much more.
Betsy volunteered  to be the Social committee chairperson
Arietta explained the process of how resolutions go thru the NFV Washington Seminar, appointments with congress, and possibly becoming laws.
Rochelle announced that WLCAC will be opening in June, which means that we can go back to holding our monthly chapter meetings in June.   A  grand opening is tentative for June.
Cheryl Thurston is starting a variety of interest groups, so look out for future news.
 Arietta made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, and Madeline seconded it.  The meeting  was adjourned at 11:50 a.m..

Rochelle Houston,
National Federation of the Blind of California
President, Pathfinder Chapter Los Angeles
rhouston58 at gmail.com
323 807-0300
The National Federation of the Blind is a community of members and friends who believe in the hopes and dreams of the nations blind. Every day we work together to help blind people live the lives they want. 
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