[NFBC-Pathfinder] Pathfinder Chapter meeting minutes Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Tue May 10 21:59:16 UTC 2022

Pathfinder chapter
April Meeting
The meeting was called to order on Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 10:56 am.
Arietta sung a song, and Betsy said a prayer
 Charlotte said the pledge of allegiance,and Arietta said the Federation pledge.  Arietta made motion to accept the minutes as read, and Charlotte seconded it.  So, the minutes were zccepted as read.
  The treasury was accepted as stated.
The roll was taken, and the following people were in attendance:
Rochelle Houston, Charlotte Carroll, Betsy Estrada, Arietta Woods, Mike Richardson, Vernell Lowery, Nellie Cardenas, Jannette Stewart Jackie Braxton, Ruthie Houston, Allen Bell and Tina Thomas.  The New member, Jackie Stewart, contacted Rochelle  to let her know that she had a class this morning, but she plans to attend future meetings.
We acknowledged our sick and shut in: Nellie Cardenas, Vernell Lowery, Allen Bell, Lucille Walker, Addie Moore and Madeline Denton.  We also acknowledged the passing of Joe Ruffalow and Ruth Sager.  Jackie Braxton and Charlotte Carroll had birthdays this month.Rchelle reminded everyone to pay their chapter dues, which were due in January 2022.  Send your dues to Betsy thru Zale, Cash app or check.  You can also send your money to Rochelle.
Charlotte made a motion to hold the next meeting at Eucalyptus Park, and Vernell seconded. More information will follow   The meeting will start at 11:00 am   Arietta suggested, if the weather doesn’t permit, we will hold a Zoom meeting.  Refreshments will be discussed closer to the time of the meeting.
Rochelle discussed the national convention, which is being held from July 5 to July10, but make your return for July 11.  Registration is $95.  The Marriott Hotel rooms are $129 per night, and the Sheratin Hotel is the back-up hotel.  The Sheraton is directly across the street, which is where the Exhibit Hall will be.  Mike, Vernell, Jeffery,Arietta and Cathy will attend
 the national convention.
All announcements must be forwarded to the President’s Note Book by ______.
Charlotte gave the fund raising report.  We received $809.50 from the Double Good fundraiser and $125 in donations.  We will hold fundraisers at Shakey’s, Chipotle and Sizzlers.  They will be held in May, June and September.  Our Bar-B-Q will be held at the last Saturday of August, and the play will be held on October 8th.  We will do the Double Good fund raiser in November.  
Arietta gave the scholarship Committee report.  Members have been to busy to hold meeting, but she is going forward, and is asking if anybody would like to join the committee.  Currently the balance is $1968.21.
Mike gave the Membership committee report.  On Saturdays his chapter meets at the Norman Houston Park, from 12 noon to 4:00 pm, and he has invited our chapter, along with other chapters.
Rochelle discussed the Hearts 4 Sight organization.  She discussed how they offer all kinds of fitness activities and nutrition.  She also stated that she would have them speak at one of our meetings to give a presentation.  If you want to participate with their organization, go to <hearts4sight.com) and register.  The registration form askes for your name, email and phone number, and check the boxes of what you are interested in.
Arietta, our chapter legislative liaison , gave a presentation on how a bill turns into a law.  She explained the entire process.
Rochelle informed us of the Marilyn affiliate hosting a fundraising cruse from 12/03/2023 to 12/10/2023, leaving out of Baltimore.  You must make a deposit by 05/26/2022.
Dan Parker, a blindman, broke a world record on race car driving, at the speed of 211 miles per hour.  He was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Mike told us that if you have an email that you want to save, just take a picture, and the picture will drop down to the left hand corner of the phone.  Just tap the picture, and it will create a copy in a print form that you can place into the file app.
Arietta invited members to join the Senior Division.
Betsy invited members to join, watch or support B Ball.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:06 am.

Rochelle Houston,
National Federation of the Blind of California
President, Pathfinder Chapter Los Angeles
rhouston58 at gmail.com
323 807-0300
The National Federation of the Blind is a community of members and friends who believe in the hopes and dreams of the nations blind. Every day we work together to help blind people live the lives they want. 

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