[NFBF-Melbourne] Weekend Devotion: (Sat. July 11, 2020) FW: The Connection Between Purpose and Prayer

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> hen why is there so much sin in the world?
> It was man that brought sin in this world, and only man could take it out.  It came by the first man, Adam, and was removed by the second man, Adam, who is Jesus Christ!  And that’s why God is so good because it was sin that separated us from God, But God, he made a way out of no way that we might be able to inherit eternal life.  He loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16).  If it had not been for Jesus on our side, where would we be.  God is good, and everything that he created is good, but remember, we are all free moral agents who have a choice to decide good or bad and we must be held accountable for our decisions.      Yes, even Lucifer was good when created, however, he chose to desire to be number one and was removed from amongst the heavenly kingdom.  We can choose life or death, but God coerces us to “Choose Life”.
> Lord, thank you for creating us with a purpose in life.  Jerimiah tells us that Your plans for us are good and not of evil, and we have an expected end.  Yes, our future is bright so follow the light who is Jesus Christ!
> God bless,
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