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This is a message i received from Barbara Penegor regarding the new digital

 Any current talking book user who would like a digital player may call us
to be put on the waiting list.  If their account is up-to-date they should
receive one in 1-3 months.  If they have overdue books or have become
inactive due to lack of use we will skip their name until they have brought
their account into good standing.

We encourage those who are not current talking book library users to fill
out an application for service.  At this time we are starting new patrons
with a cassette player and putting their name on the waiting list for a
digital one.  When they have established they can be relied upon to return
books on time (about 3-4 months), we will send a digital player.  Once all
our current users have digital machines, we will automatically send them to
new patrons.

I see that you have a digital player, but have not yet received any digital
books.  I will get one in the mail to you right away.  I think you will
really like it.  I also encourage you to try downloading books from BARD.  I
can send you instructions if you are interested.

Barbara Penegor

Branch Manager

Kentucky Talking Book Library

PO Box 537

Frankfort, KY 40602


502-564-8300, ext. 282

barbara.penegor at ky.gov

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