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Subject: FW: Symposium at U of L


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Subject: Symposium at U of L that might interest your mailing list

This event is not at APH, but Mike Hudson, our museum director, is
presenting and part of it focuses on KSB and the Clifton neighborhood, and
so many people in the area are interested in history, I thought it might be
appropriate to include.  It takes place at  U o L, so information about the
whole event may already have been sent by someone else-- but the general
event description on their website doesn't mention the specific talk about
KSB and the Clifton area that I have described, here:

Louisville, the Ohio Valley, and the Civil War" Symposium: March 26-27, 2010

The University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences and its Arts and
Culture Community Partners, including the Museum of the American Printing
House for the Blind, are hosting a two-day scholarly symposium at the
Ekstrom Library, UofL Belknap Campus,  examining Louisville’s important role
in the first two years of the Civil War.  Located astride the boundary
between slave and free states, Louisville’s location was strategic in
planning and executing that war. Many of its buildings, including the
Kentucky School for the Blind (KSB) on Frankfort Avenue, were seized, and
used for military prisons and hospitals.

During the symposium, Mike Hudson, Director of the Museum of the American
Printing House for the Blind, will give a presentation that focuses on the
impact of war activities on KSB and the Clifton area.

For more information or to register contact Linda Wilson 502-852-0274

A full description of the symposium can be found at U ofL’s event listings:


ps it is not free, there is a $65.00 charge for the 2-day symposium (see
their web site); they want people to register by March 5.

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