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Fellow Federationists:


Allen Harris asks me to pass along the following important information
about Kenneth Jernigan Convention Scholarships. 


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Convention Scholarships Available

by Allen Harris

The Kenneth Jernigan Convention Scholarship Fund is looking for
individuals who can use some financial assistance to attend our national
convention in Dallas, Texas. In 2010 our convention will begin on
Saturday, July 3, and run through Thursday, July 8. This will be only
the second year that we have operated on this abbreviated schedule. The
convention is a day shorter than you might expect, ending with the
banquet Thursday evening.

Who is eligible to receive a Kenneth Jernigan Convention Scholarship?
If you are a member of the National Federation of the Blind, you are
eligible to apply. Preference, however, will be given to first-time
convention attendees. The scholarship selection committee is able to
make an occasional exception, but first-time convention participants are
the target group.

What do I have to do to apply for a Kenneth Jernigan Convention
You must do the following and are responsible for these application

1. Find out who your state NFB president is and get him or her to write
a letter of recommendation for you, or you may have a chapter president
or other officer write a letter of recommendation, but we must have a
letter from a Federation leader who is familiar with you.

2. You must write a letter to the Kenneth Jernigan Fund committee
expressing the reasons why you want a scholarship. Describe your
participation in the Federation and what you think you would get and
give to the convention. Please send all information to Allen Harris,
5209 Sterling Glen Drive, Pinson, Alabama 35126, or email the
information to <allen.harris at dwx.com> or <joy.harris at dwx.com>.

3. You must register for and attend the entire convention, including the

What else must I do to insure that my application will be considered?
We must receive all of the following:
1. Your full name
2. Your address
3. Your telephone numbers (home, business, cell)
4. Your email address (If you have one)
5. Your state president's name and the name of your local chapter, if
you attend one
All applications must be received by April 14, 2010.

How do I get my scholarship funds?
You will get a debit card at the convention loaded with the amount of
your scholarship award. The times and locations to pick up your debit
card will be listed in the notice you receive if you are a scholarship
winner. The committee is not able to provide funds before the
convention, so work with your chapter and state affiliate to assist by
advancing funds you can pay back when you receive your scholarship.

When will I know if I have been selected as a Kenneth Jernigan
Scholarship winner?
The committee makes every effort to notify scholarship winners by May
15, but you must do several things to be prepared to attend if you are

1. You must make your own hotel reservation. If something prevents you
from attending, you can cancel your reservation.

2. You will receive a letter with the convention details which should
answer many of your questions. It is also helpful to find a mentor from
your chapter or affiliate to act as a friend and advisor during the
convention. Although you will not know officially whether or not you
have been selected until mid-May, you must make plans to attend and then
adjust your plans accordingly.

This past summer in Detroit the Jernigan Fund scholarship committee
awarded seventy Kenneth Jernigan Scholarships. The average grant was
$600. You can include in your letter to the committee any extenuating
circumstances which the committee may choose to take into consideration.
Above all, please use this opportunity to attend your first convention
and join several thousand other blind Federationists in the most
important meeting of the blind in the world.

If you have questions or need additional information, call Allen Harris
at (205) 520-9979 or email him at <allen.harris at dwx.com>. You may also
email Joy Harris at <joy.harris at dwx.com>. We look forward to seeing you
in Dallas.


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