[Nfbk] Frankfort Legislative Session

Cathy cathyj at iglou.com
Tue Jan 26 21:34:59 UTC 2010

Good Afternoon All,

NFBK is planning a legislative session in Frankfort on February 24. We will
model our Frankfort Seminar much like the Washington Seminar. We will make
appointments with as many representatives as possible. We will have an
agenda and position papers. Two of the issues we will be discussing are
funding for NEWSLINE and issues regarding the Office for the Blind. We may
possibly add something about quiet cars and or higher education. We plan to
gather at the home of Charles and Betty Allen before heading to the hill for
a briefing. A couple of years ago when we met our reps, we left Louisville
at around 6:30 AM and got back home in the neighborhood of 6:00 PM. The
folks in Murray had a much longer day. This is just to give you an idea when
I say "all day event". If you are a member of NFB of Kentucky and think you
would be interested please contact me off line at cathyj at iglou.com or by
phone at 502-366-2317. The affiliate will pay transportation costs but, each
individual will be expected to cover his or her meal(s).

Speaking of Washington Seminar, we will be in DC Feb. 1 through Feb 4.
Marissa Helms, Katie Penny, Danny & Anetta Perry Charles & Betty Allen, and
I will be representing Kentucky. Pamela Glisson is still doing duty by
scheduling our appointments. That is a task all by its self. Thanks Pamela.
If you want to read about the issues you can go to www.nfb.org.


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