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Subject: AP article: Bar Examiners Don't See Eye to Eye with Blind Law Grads

Bar Examiners Don't See Eye to Eye with Blind Law Grads

June 6, 2010

By Scott Broom

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Three blind law students are suing over which software
they are allowed to use while taking the bar exam.

Attorney Daniel F. Goldstein says the accommodations offered by the National
Conference of Bar Examiners are "wildly inferior" to the programs used by
plaintiffs Timothy Elder, Anne Blackfield and Michael Witver, who still has
some sight.

The Maryland State Board of Law Examiners allowed them to use their
preferred software for the state-law sections but deferred to the
Wisconsin-based national governing body for the Multistate Bar Examination.
The three, who graduated this spring, plan to take the bar exam in July.

The suit was filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court under the Americans with
Disabilities Act. The three lost sight due to degenerative disease and are
not proficient at Braille.

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