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Nickie Pearl njp at insightbb.com
Thu Apr 28 00:28:24 UTC 2011

Hello again,

    There was one thing I failed to mention in my first e-mail about the Greater Louisville April Luncheon.  In honor of our dear friend and fellow Federationist Mittie Lake, whom we lost a few weeks ago, Cathy Jackson ask me if she could present the Mittie Lake Award to one of our chapter members.  The award is to honor Mittie, her spirit, dedication and behind the scenes work for this organization.  Mittie was the first one with her check book out to buy reverse raffle tickets and over the years made countless afghans for the chapter and affiliate to raffle off.  This was her way of giving back and she will truly be missed.

    Cathy and Denise Franklin headed up the "self appointed" committee and presented the first annual Mittie Lake Award to Kevin Pearl.  Kevin and Mittie are a lot a like, neither of them want or need praise or the attention a spotlight would bring.  Kevin will set up, clean up and everything in between behind the scenes for this chapter.  Kevin has true Federation spirit and works hard everyday to change what it means to be blind.  Congratulations Kevin!

Thank You!
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