[Nfbk] Minimum Wages for the Blind & Disabled

Cathy cathyj at iglou.com
Mon Nov 14 15:55:32 UTC 2011

Good Morning All.

We need you help! On October 4th Congress introduced HR 3086. This piece of
legislation will phase out section 14C of the Fair Labor Standards Act of
1938. Basically 14C gives employers the right to apply for special wage
certificates which will permit them to pay blind and disabled workers less
than the Federal minimum wage, which is guaranteed to other American
workers. I have attached a copy of the resolution passed by the Board of
Directors of NFBK which we will be sending to all of the agencies in
Kentucky who hold these certificates. Also attached is the cover letter.
Pamela will be sending the list of phone numbers for our Congressmen here in
Kentucky. We are asking you to call and tell them to vote in favor of HR

Talking Points
1. The tools and equipment do exist for competitive employment for people
with disabilities.
2. It is illogical for doubters to be the ones providing training and/or
employment for those with disabilities.
3. The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Blind Industries and Services of
Maryland have relinquished their special work        certificates.
4. It has been proven that with a better business model and better
rehabilitation that persons with disabilities can be productive and
competitively employed.
5. We must remove the misconception of the general public that people with
disabilities are not productive enough to earn competitive wages. This is
perhaps the largest barrier to the employment of people with disabilities.
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